Angelina Giles

Angelina Giles

Family Nurse Practitioner and CEO at Sancta Familia Medical

Dr. Angelina Giles is a pro-life family nurse practitioner and the CEO at Sancta Familia Medical in Omaha, NE. Dr. Giles earned her Doctorate in Nursing and specializes in family medicine. She graduated from Clarkson College in April 2017 with her Masters of Science in Nursing and again from Clarkson College in August 2021 with her Doctor of Nursing Practice. She earned her Bachelors of Science and Nursing from Creighton University in May 2013. Dr. Giles also brings with her a wide breadth of study which includes newborn/pediatric, family, women, and geriatric populations.

Dr. Giles has a vast amount of knowledge and experience, all of which she applies to her patients. She practices a holistic approach, focusing on the health of the body, mind, and spirit of each patient. From encountering her own teen pregnancy and feeling societal pressure to choose abortion, Dr. Giles chose life and has used her experiences and medical knowledge to help other abortion vulnerable women choose life as well. Dr. Giles is well versed in the Abortion Pill Rescue treatment protocol, which was started by Dr. George Delgado. She sits on the National Advocacy Council of the SperaVita Institute and is a registered provider through the Abortion Pill Rescue Network. She has helped countless woman who have chosen to reverse the abortion pill they have taken, allowing them to choose LIFE. She knows that all glory for this life-saving work goes to the Lord and the Lord alone.

Finally, Dr. Giles is happily married to her husband, Sean, and together, they share five beautiful children. She may have her hands full, however, she fully recognizes the blessings bestowed beyond measure to have such a wonderful family!

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