The conceptual understanding of how an ultrasound exam evaluates a 3D structure, like the uterus, slice by slice creating 2D images can be confusing. In this session there will be creative use of various mediums like modeling clay and line drawings, designed to enhance understanding of anatomical landmarks. Image orientation will be used in this session.

With all the headaches Big Tech causes pregnancy centers, why should you consider advertising with Google? Because Google advertising can help you reach women first during their abortion searches. You won't want to miss this breakout session on effective Google advertising strategies.

Mentoring is a vital piece to the long-term growth of an organization. It has the potential to bring teams closer together and allows for seamless succession planning. This session will define mentoring, provide Biblical examples, and offer practical ways to implement within your organization.

This workshop is tailored for pregnancy center staff aiming to approach adoption conversations with greater confidence, empathy, and understanding. Participants will learn nuanced communication techniques to sensitively introduce adoption, effectively address common concerns, and provide comprehensive support. The session emphasizes creating a non-judgmental, informative environment that respects and honors the choices of those considering adoption, equipping staff with the skills to guide these important conversations with compassion and professionalism.

Healthy and strong Board leadership is essential for an organization to thrive. This roundtable will provide an opportunity for Board members to discuss challenges they face and strategies to move their organization forward and empower it's leaders to fulfill their mission.


When you don't see what you expect to see. Join us for an interactive workshop exploring out-of-the-ordinary findings when performing limited obstetrical ultrasound. Policies and best practices will be discussed. CEUs available.

“One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato Yes, your ministry cannot participate in partisan activities, but, if you do participate in a non-partisan way, you are at risk of being governed by inferiors. This session will give you some simple, actionable, ideas for spurring your donors and supporters to be pro-life at the ballot box.

As a leader, fundraising is a natural and expected part of the job - but one we are often scared of. We invite you into this candid dialogue between a seasoned Executive Director and one of her major donors. Learn the nuts and bolts of relationship-based fundraising using an abundance mindset as you trust the Lord for more than you could ever ask or imagine.

Empower your team to lead transformative conversations that facilitate abortion recovery. This workshop covers essential communication skills, the importance of empathy, and strategies for addressing guilt, grief, and forgiveness. Learn to guide those you support towards a path of healing and self-discovery, reinforcing the foundation for lasting peace.


A registered provider through the Abortion Pill Rescue Network. Angelina Giles earned her Doctorate in Nursing and specializes in Family Medicine as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She practices in a holistic manner and is well-versed in the Abortion Pill Rescue treatment protocol, having helped countless women who have chosen to reverse the abortion pill. Understand the impact of chemical abortion and the process created to reverse it.

Stories win battles, especially the kinds of battles the pro-life movement faces. YOU have the winning stories because you work on the frontlines every day. State legislators, political activists, and members of the media from your state need to hear the stories you have to share. They need to hear from you early and often and begin to view you as a trusted source. Otherwise, they will continue to share stories furnished by the abortion industry and assume the worst about you and your work. Where there is silence, the other side will fill it. Are you telling your story and the stories of your clients well? Are you telling them to the right people? If not, or if you have no idea where to begin, this is the workshop for you.

Your Pregnancy Center could be at risk in a variety of ways. Risk management is critical in your daily operations — especially in the current political landscape. Join NIFLA as they explore risk management strategies for common liabilities. You will discuss: HIPAA compliance, policies and procedures, employment law, the FACE Act, and other threats.


In this Breakout Session, you will learn new techniques & procedures to help minimize your no-show rate. You will see how the potential of offering new scheduling methods to your patients can improve your overall show rate. You will also receive guidance on which specific metrics to track & how to assess if a process or script change is needed for your individual center to improve your show rate.

Need more Donors? Does your Center have an aging donor base, a dwindling donor base, or just need more support for the work you are doing? Join us to solve the challenges of donor acquisition with practical tips and actionable steps to gain more donors.

Chat GPT, Jasper, Gemini, oh my! In a world increasingly powered by artificial intelligence, how should your pregnancy center approach what can be incredible tools? Is there a place for artificial intelligence in your marketing? The answer: yes, but it may be complicated. Join this workshop to learn how to successfully utilize AI tools to help increase your center's impact.

This session will discuss introductory cybersecurity fundamentals and how they are related to the HIPAA security rule. Additionally, you will learn how to implement some of these protections. You will also learn how to recognize a cyber-attack and what to do in the event you experience one.

Is your center accredited by the AAAHC? Join this breakout session to learn how AAAHC accreditation can combat "fake clinic" accusations, reduce your risk, and add medical credibility to your pregnancy center.

Ensure your organization is healthy from a Human Resources perspective with clear expectations for employment, policies, & procedures. This will enable you to serve each other with excellence and as a result, serve the abortion-determined woman with excellence too.


Discover how to forge strong connections with churches across denominations to support your pregnancy resource center. This session will guide you through strategies for initiating and nurturing partnerships with local faith communities, enhancing visibility, and increasing donations. Learn to effectively communicate your center's mission and impact, creating mutually beneficial relationships that drive support and awareness.

In a world where understanding and engagement can make all the difference, learn how to elevate your donor marketing to effectively communicate to different generations about your ministry's evolving needs. This workshop focuses on constructing a holistic communication strategy that encompasses email marketing, social media engagement, and beyond. Discover methods to not only update your supporters but also deeply involve them in your ministry's journey, unveiling new avenues for them to contribute to your cause.

This workshop is comprised of an expert panel of leaders who will equip you with the knowledge and tools to effectively implement telehealth services and texting communication within your organization. Learn how these technologies can expand your reach, allowing you to serve more women quickly and communicate effectively with younger generations. Discover best practices for integrating telehealth into your service offerings and using texting to engage clients, reduce no-shows, and streamline operations.

This session provides a clear, immediate overview of abortion laws across the U.S., distinguishing between blue and red states. Learn about current legislation and potential shifts in a concise format to better anticipate future legal landscapes. Equip your center with the knowledge to stay informed and proactive in a dynamically changing legal environment.

Created uniquely in the image of God, we know our identity cannot be detached from our biology. However, a prevalent belief in today’s culture is that you can choose your gender and orientation. How do you, as a center, respond to those who live this out? Serving members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities requires grace and understanding without surrendering your convictions. What does it look like to serve and to help? In this session, you will be challenged to examine your approach, and you will be encouraged to learn how to make a greater impact within this community.


In this session, we will discuss the ever-changing needs of our patients. Today's patient wants education, direct communication, and they want it all from a licensed professional. Decisions being made in your centers can not only benefit our patients, but also protect our centers from the microscopes we find ourselves under. Those decisions will be best made, when Medical has a seat at "the table." You will hopefully leave inspired to be a force of knowledge and expertise on how to lead, not only your medical departments, but also be the voice of excellence within your leadership team.

Donors in your area who are passionate about saving lives are ready to write checks. They just need to be asked! Too often, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to not generating the funds needed to fulfill our God-sized dreams for life-saving impact. Learn about the mental and emotional barriers you may face when it comes to raising money and walk away with the resources and know-how necessary to build the big relationships that lead to being able to make the big ask.

Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strike fear in your heart because you’ve heard it is important, you know you need it, but you have no idea where to begin? Your website is the foundation of your marketing. To extend the life and relevance of your website, ongoing SEO is vital. Creating high quality content, using relevant keywords, managing reviews and generating GBP posts that drive traffic to your website are all key components to success. Learning just a few SEO best practices will help improve your rankings, making all the difference in reaching her first.

Melissa Ohden of the Abortion Survivors Network will discuss the dramatic increase in abortion pill use and the impact of failed chemical abortions as a result. How are you reaching and serving those whose abortion pill didn’t work? Discover the long-term social, emotional and parenting support needs following failed abortions. Joining Melissa, Heartbeat international will talk through reaching her after she has taken the abortion pill, the Abortion Pill Reversal process, and how it has successfully saved lives across the country.

With the political landscape shifting, it's essential for pregnancy centers to be proactive. This workshop delves into strategies for navigating election-year challenges, maintaining donor relations, and preparing for potential legal and operational impacts. Equip your center with the knowledge to adapt and thrive in a politically charged environment.

Leading is more about influence than an official title. Join SperaVita's Jennifer Roush to elevate your leadership skills, step up, and lead even when you're not in charge. Your pregnancy center needs a strong leader like you!


Going mobile can help you reach women in high-traffic locations like shopping malls and popular bus route destinations to improve access to your services. But going mobile is a significant investment. How do you know it's time? Join Save the Storks' Breakout session to learn more.

Videos grab attention and speak louder than words alone—and they can be one of your biggest marketing assets. But it can be difficult to know where to start. If the thought of navigating video marketing makes you feel lost, this training is for you! Shawn, our video marketing expert, will give you the tools you need to capture your client's attention through video and establish your center as a compassionate, trustworthy thought leader.

Gain practical insights on expanding services such as prenatal health and STD testing while remaining focused on supporting abortion-minded women. This workshop equips your pregnancy resource center with actionable tools to prevent mission drift and ensure consistency in serving your core mission.

In this session, we address what the real issues are, what the arguments need to be, and why every pregnancy center is part of the debate. Researching the legal landscape can often lead to more questions than answers. This breakout session will review the overall legal landscape and provide a helpful analysis to assist you in better understanding the status of national legal battles for life.

Unlock the full potential of your pregnancy center by mastering the art of processes and metrics. In this engaging session, you'll discover how to create seamless operational processes that drive efficiency and enhance service delivery. Explore practical strategies for tracking key metrics that provide valuable insights into your center's performance and impact. Leave empowered with the knowledge and tools to continuously improve your operations, measure your success, and achieve outstanding results for the communities you serve. During this interactive session, you will gain practical tools for documenting standardized processes by leveraging AI and technology. You will leave with an initial list of recommended metrics and processes to track and a strategy for implementation.


Learn how your center can minister to women with the heart of a priest and the mind and wisdom of a king.

Understand how God is using your center and how you can defend against the enemy's attacks through this powerful testimony.

Discover how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to women’s healthcare and how to effectively dispel myths for clients. In this session, Dr. Susan Bane will show you how to combat the lies of the abortion industry and the FDA from a medical standpoint.

In this session, we'll explore how pregnancy centers can develop optimal approaches to create and maintain meaningful relationships with patients who decide on abortion, particularly those who have chosen the abortion pill. Whether it's through chemical or surgical means, our priority is understanding and meeting these women's most pressing needs for healing. Our focus will be on cultivating best practices to establish supportive bonds for the future to decrease her risk of repeat abortions. Additionally, we'll delve into innovative methods for providing healing to women navigating post-abortion trauma associated with chemical abortion.

Can you defend your pro-life views in one-minute or less? Can you do it with arguments non-Christians will accept? You bet, provided you're equipped to engage on hostile turf. This session will help you simplify the abortion debate for those who think it’s complex, understand the scientific and philosophic aspects of the pro-life argument, and state a pro-life case in one minute or less

More info coming soon!

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