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Our breakouts are designed to equip and prepare you to reach the woman most at risk for abortion. Legislation impacts the way you run your center, fundraising brings essential support to your staff and services, Big Tech changes challenge the way you can reach her online. Our trainings will instruct you on how to speak to the abortion determined woman from the moment she views your website to how you reach her online in the first place and cover all the necessary steps, policies, and marketing strategies needed in between.

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Our speakers are topic-experts from their years of experience working in the pro-life and pregnancy center movements. They are eager to share what has worked for their organizations when it comes to reaching, serving, and impacting women most at risk for abortion, how to strategically cast vision to both your supporters and your Board of Directors, and how to implement processes and strategies to effectively raise support to fund your mission.

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This location is strategic not just as the birthplace of Roe v. Wade, but as the home of the TX Heartbeat Act, which reveals the impact abortion tourism has had on our nation. Current and upcoming legislation both play a significant role in how you operate and run your center on a day to day basis. Like the good Samaritan, you can be poised and positioned to reach her first, before she crosses the border.

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