About FundEasy:

If you’re anything like the nonprofit leaders we talk to every day, your to-do list is… well, let’s call it robust. So when your annual gala or 5K rolls around, trying to wedge all those tasks into your already-packed schedule feels nearly impossible. 

You make it work somehow, of course—but as you limp to the finish line of every event, you think, “Ugh. There just has to be a better way.”

There is a better way. It’s FundEasy.

FundEasy provides the tools and platform so you have stress-free event management, can build customizable, branded web page templates, and make lightning-fast deposits straight to your bank. FundEasy allows you raise more money so you can save more lives.

Client Testimonies:

“FundEasy, for us, has made events so much more workable and really easy. FundEasy has helped us raise more money, that’s the bottom line. We use it in two separate ways. For our Banquet, it helps us so much because people can manage their own tables and it takes the guesswork out of putting your tables together, and it just makes everything easier. For our Walk for Life event, it allows peer to peer organization so they can manage their own walkers and friends, and it creates for our walkers a chance for them to raise money in a very easy way. I would recommend for anybody who’s thinking about events and how to make them more successful and raise more money, I would recommend FundEasy.”

Becky Buick, Chief Operating Officer, MI

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