Robert Hamilton Owens

Robert Hamilton Owens

Robert Hamilton Owens is an international corporate business consultant and inspirational speaker. For more than 25 years in over 30 nations, he’s been speaking before audiences on leadership and management topics, free enterprise, and democracy issues. Some of Robert’s past clients include the Navy SEALs, New York Jets, The Baltimore Ravens, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Philippines Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Robert Hamilton Owens is a man of many hats. He’s been and done a lot – mountain climbing, radio and TV personality, keynote speaker, minister, Ironman, philanthropist, triathlete, Special Ops Pararescueman, and father of five – to name a few. But of all the pursuits he’s undertaken, there’s one title that best describes this literal force of nature: Robert is The Fittest and Mentally Toughest 66-Year-Old in the World. Period.

Robert was born and raised in Orange County, California without ever having met his parents. Adopted by a California judge, Robert was raised as a special-needs child who was unable to play kickball with his classmate due to the corrective shoes he was required to wear through sixth grade.

In high school, Robert trained under legendary US Olympic swim coach Jon Urbanchek in Anaheim, and later raced outrigger canoes from Long Beach to Catalina with the Dana Point Outrigger Club on his off time from lifeguarding in San Clemente.

In 1973, he entered the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School with a class of 157 men to train as a Pararescueman, the Air Force equivalent of a Navy SEAL. Of those 157, only seven made the through and graduated, one of which was Robert, who was designated Team Leader.

But for Robert, a father of five, none of this is done for self-aggrandizement. While he loves the challenge, he derives his greatest pleasure from helping others – motivating, educating, and inspiring them.

Robert speaks on topics such as these to help others see what can be achieved in their own lives:

  • Developing Your Leadership and Management Skills
  • Appreciation for Mentoring
  • Making Life Changes
  • Developing Winning Habits
  • Overcoming Issues
  • Developing Mental Toughness
  • Adventures He Has Had

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