Jess Ford

Jess Ford

When coming face to face with an unplanned pregnancy, Jess’ mom, Amy Ford, considered having an abortion. After a traumatic and miraculous visit to the abortion clinic, Amy Ford chose LIFE in the face of circumstantial hardship and fear.

Jess’s reaction to his mom’s journey is a story of confusion, heartache, and spiritual breakthrough. Now, one of Jess’s core mission is to fight for justice on behalf of the unborn by making abortion an unthinkable and unnecessary option for all women.

Jess has a burning passion for inspiring young men to be protectors of women and children.  He believes that through radical love and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can make abortion unthinkable.

At the age of 16, Jess Ford co-founded Ignite Student Ministries, a weekly multi-site youth gathering of over 600 students around DFW. Since then, Jess has graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Ministry and Leadership, and has gotten married to his best friend, Audrey. Now Jess writes on Pro-Life issues for Focus on the Family while speaking around the nation.

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