Elisa Medina

Elisa Medina

Co-Founder of Medinas on Mission LLC

Elisa Medina, Co-Founder of Medinas on Mission LLC
Elisa experienced a lot of trauma as a child and young adult. The sudden death of her mother at age 13 and being raped at 14 years old led to years of substance abuse, destructive choices and unhealthy relationships. One of those relationships led to an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 19. She had every intention of terminating that pregnancy when God stepped in through a series of miraculous events that enabled her to choose life! After giving birth to her son Tyler in 2000, she began a journey back to her faith. That journey led to her taking a position at her local pregnancy center, a pregnancy center where she would eventually end up serving as the CEO.

During her 16 years of service, the Lord continued His miraculous provision, both personally and professionally, starting with the provision of a godly husband and two more children. In 2019, the ministry she led was thriving when another unexpected pregnancy knocked on the door of Elisa’s life. This time, through her 19 year old son.

What she learned during that season was that the Lord’s grace and mercy was for her and her family too. Much like the life of Joseph, God had actually positioned her for this moment in time for the saving of many people, including her own grandson!

Elisa’s story is about redeeming the unredeemable, experiencing God’s overwhelming goodness and receiving His unconditional love and grace! Her desire is to help others see the goodness of God even while walking through the darkest valleys. Her heart is to equip the saints for the work of the gospel to see God’s will on earth be done.

Elisa is a gifted communicator, speaker and mentor. She is often sought out to speak about pro-life issues, leadership, marriage and parenting and healing from trauma. Her personal life experiences compel her to be vulnerable in order to connect authentically with her audience. Her ultimate life-long pursuit is to live and love like Jesus.