The Dodd Decision, and the pro-abortion response to it has thrown abortion into the center of every campaign this fall.  NARAL and Planned Parenthood will try to put abortion referenda on statewide ballots in 2024.  Politics is coming.  Are you ready?  This 90-minute breakout will empower you with a solid foundation to help the campaigns of your choice win their elections.  This is a non-partisan presentation.


Like a ship that drifts off course by just a few degrees can lead to disastrous results for all on board, mission drift at your pregnancy center – even for “good” endeavors – can cause you to miss your ultimate goal: Reaching and serving women most at risk for abortion. In this breakout, Executive Director Beau Heyman will share how to stay on mission, why to say no to other good opportunities, and how to cast a vision for your staff and donors about your life-saving mission.

Every touchpoint you have with a woman from the ad she sees online to the feeling she gets when she visits your website and walks through your doors plays a role in her decision-making process. Come learn the essential components you need to have in place when the abortion-determined woman is in your center for the best opportunity for her to see and choose life.

You may have a plan for combating Planned Parenthood, but Big Tech is your next biggest threat to reaching women most at risk for abortion. You may not have a plan for it, but Big Tech has a plan for you. Come learn how to navigate the challenges Big Tech poses and how to create strategies that minimize its threat.

As your pregnancy center grows so you can accommodate more clients, your staff and vision will need to grow as well. To grow in strength, you’ll need an internal system to support your staff and processes through the transition and into greater capacity. Learn how to put the right system in place to support your growth and the impact you want to see in your community.

For Focus Trained Centers
This session is for centers who have been trained and are currently using The Focus Method. This will be an in-depth session looking at how the Focus Method adapts to a telehealth or mobile unit environment. Updates will be shared followed by a Q&A.


RU486 goes by many different names, and there are as many different strategies for helping women who are considering it as the solution to their unplanned pregnancies. Learn the most effective strategies to utilize in your clinic to counteract its prevalence.

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in reaching the abortion-determined woman, but not all strategies are created equal. Search engine optimization, paid advertising, and social media can all play a crucial role in your plan but can also feel overwhelming. In this breakout, learn the importance of each one and how to create the right plan to reach women in your community.

The goal of this breakout is to explore the issues and concerns most Pregnancy Help Organizations face serving minority communities with a predominately white staff. We will explore options to increase diversity in volunteer and staff positions; learn how to relate and communicate with diverse client populations; and affirm being called and equipped in spite of cultural differences.

Regardless of your role within your Center, your journey of leadership begins with you! If God has called you to lead, that partnership is ever-evolving. Learn from two veterans the key milestones on your journey of leadership and how best to embrace become the best leader God would have you to be!

For Focus Trained Centers
This session is for centers who have been trained and are currently using The Focus Method. This will be an in-depth session looking at how to impact show rates and how to update the process based on your center’s metrics. We will also be discussing updates and will have time for Q&A to address individual centers’ needs.


For some women, the care they receive in your center is enough to help them resolve to choose life. For others, more care is needed. Come learn the important components of an effective follow-up plan for the women who visit your center!

Now that you’ve crafted the right strategy, it’s time to implement it. A key component of your plan and your success has to do with image: How do women feel when they interact with your pregnancy center online? Are they distracted by pro-life messages intended for your donors? Or is the path from your site to your door very clear? In this breakout we’ll lay out the importance of branding, separate strategies for your donors and the abortion-determined woman, and how you can explain the need for both to your board.

You can have the most caring staff, the best services, and an amazing rate of women choosing life, but if you aren’t HIPAA compliant, the integrity and longevity of your pregnancy center is at risk. Did you know that HIPAA can impact your marketing strategies? In this breakout we will not only outline how to bring your center into compliance, but we will also discuss how HIPAA can impact your marketing strategy and methods you might implement so you can continue serving women for the long haul.

It’s devastating when a woman comes to you for help and hope, and leaves your center to get an abortion. The weight of this reality can be too much for your team if they aren’t equipped for this reality. Come learn effective strategies to care for your team when they’ve given their best and a patient still chooses to abort.

You're in a position of leadership because you not only see a problem, but the potential for change. Too often in the world of nonprofits, the good tools, processes, and people you have to work with aren't always operating in an efficient or effective way. Do you ever feel like your inspiring vision is going to waste in the midst of gridlock and other obstacles? If so, you're invited to join our breakout to explore the five mindset shifts necessary to synchronize your efforts, elevate your abilities as a leader, and help your nonprofit tackle the problem it was created to solve.


In your pregnancy center, you likely have clients visit who are victims of human trafficking or domestic violence. By learning to identify the signs of trafficking and abuse, you can be part of their rescue. Learn how to provide trauma informed care to enhance your life-saving ministry.

One of the long-lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is the rise of telehealth appointments in place of in-person care. Now that the FDA has approved this as a way for the abortion pill to be prescribed and delivered, more and more abortion clinics are offering telehealth appointments. Investing in telehealth training is one way you can continue to compete against Planned Parenthood to reach abortion-determined women in your community.

For your center to continue growing its outreach to abortion-minded women, you must share the story of what God’s doing in your centers with donors in a compelling way. This breakout will offer practical tips and strategies for how to use email and your other communications channels in an integrated way to engage more donors … report back what is happening … and compel them to invest more deeply in the transformational work you do every day.

Has a client ever shared about a negative experience they had at the abortion clinic? Was their treatment at the clinic in any way illegal? In this breakout , explore how your center can hold abortion providers accountable to state laws by learning how to report them and potentially even shut them down.

Chemicalabortions are on the rise but more lives are being saved through the work ofpregnancy resource centers than ever before. In this breakout, learn aboutnewly released abortion reporting figures, including the estimated Lives Savedimpact of pregnancy centers nationwide from 2016 to 2020. You’ll also learnabout trends in various states and new trends post-Dobbs so you cancraft effective marketing plans, inform donors of your efforts to save lives inthe context of your state, and more intentionally care for the unique needs ofwomen in your city. 


Current legislation may not be impacting your center, but in our ever-changing political climate, it’s wise to be prepared. Battle lines have been drawn and the fight to protect the preborn in America is heating up. Come learn how to navigate legal changes so your center is always positioned to reach her, the abortion-determined woman.

Have you ever been called by the media and didn’t know what to say? Are you afraid the media may call and have questions for you about the pro-life movement? Do you want to proactively communicate the benefits of pregnancy help centers to counter the misinformation that’s being spread? In this session we will help you build life-affirming messaging, identify earned-media opportunities, and build relationships with local media that will help counter the current narrative about pregnancy resource centers. Following this session, Center Directors and staff will have the option to volunteer for small group trainings featuring on-camera practice interviews throughout the remainder of the Samaritan Summit. Presenters include Dena Espenscheid from the Leadership Institute, Heather Sellers from Sellers Best, LLC, and Scott Baker, VP of Public Affairs at Choose Life Marketing.

As pro-life legislation spreads throughout America, abortion is being prohibited in some states while it continues to grow in others. Abortion tourism is a reality and whether you live in a pro-life or pro-abortion state, your center must be prepared. Learn how to utilize virtual geofencing to combat the accessibility of the abortion pill and engage in other marketing strategies to reach women whether they are leaving your state for abortions or coming into it. The Texas Heartbeat Act is just the beginning. Similar changes will occur all over the U.S. and you need to be prepared.

As Millennials age out of your target audience, it’s time to turn your attention to the newest generation: Generation Z. Who is your GenZ client? What are her likes and dislikes and do you understand how to reach her? To effectively reach her, you must know and understand her needs, desires, fears, and how she makes decisions. Learn about GenZ and how to best engage her on the phone and in your center in this breakout.

The mailbox is the new battleground as the accessibility of the abortion pill grows. Learn how to compete with mail-order abortion and how to reach women before they order the abortion pill with just a few clicks of their mouse.

Dehavilland Ford serves as the primary visionary, with her husband Will, of the 818 The Sign Movement, which is committed to seeing revival and reformation sweep through the inner cities and all across America. 818 The Sign is committed to providing passionate worship gatherings focusing on encountering the presence of God. Since she was 17 years old, Dehavilland has carried a passion for prayer. She has traveled across America and various parts of the world, including Africa, England, South America, and Israel, preaching the gospel with a burning desire to see transformation in the earth. Dehavilland has a burden to see a culture of life and love for Jesus released in our generation. She and her husband, Will, live with their beautiful children in Dallas, Texas.

The strength of your pregnancy center relies on the strength of your relationships with your most committed partners – your donors. In this breakout, Kirk will share from his wealth of experience his best fundraising strategies. You’ll walk away feeling empowered and equipped to run effective banquets with record turnouts, how to build deep relationships with your donors that stand the test of time, and what kinds of relationships you need to nurture to ensure a solid foundation for your pregnancy center.

Attending a Summit like this can feel like drinking water from a firehose so you need the tools to help you implement what you learned when you return home. Come learn about the next best steps for your pregnancy center so you can become even more effective in your efforts to reach and serve the woman most at risk for abortion.

What stood out to you most from your time at the Summit? What are your key takeaways? Join our final panel to understand how to take back everything you’ve learned and cast the same vision you got here with your staff back at home.

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